Fire Mitigation Tool for Property and Wildfire Mitigation. Made in the USA »


The Mitagator™ Fire Mitigation Tool
is unlike any other property maintenance tool on the market.

It’s more powerful than a rake, hoe, pitchfork or McLeod and clears ground fuels down to the dirt.
It removes up to 80% of needles, leaves, twigs and other fine ground debris but it’s strong enough to quickly pile and move large branches, too.



At under five pounds, The Mitagator Fire Mitigation Tool
is strong, light and efficient.


The Mitagator aerates the soil as it clears debris, allowing moisture to get into the soil and green growth to fill in the cleared areas. It removes small rocks from garden beds but it won’t damage living plants, so you can safely use it to remove leaves, rocks and twigs from those hard to reach areas behind and under bushes.


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